DDS Production s.r.l. is an italian film production and distribution founded by Daniele Di Stefano.
The DDS Prodution s.r.l. - young and dynamic - has the objective to identify and support italian projects that touch important issues able to transmit meanings, values ​​and emotions.
In the spirit of the DDS Prodution s.r.l. there is the willing to select a few films chosen carefully in order to give to the public the best Italian cinema. This does not mean only niche films but also good movies for the general population.
In the DDS Production s.r.l.'s staff there is professional experience of the veterans and the creative spirit of young talents. In the end, the DDS Production s.r.l. thinks that with this union the italian cinema will rise up the top of the world.
DDS Production s.r.l.
Viale A. Volta n.14
50131 Firenze, Italy
Tel: 349/3586957
P.Iva 06569130484



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